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Collab with my bro @paper-bagel. They did sketch and line, I did coloring and shading. We call him Eric, but there is very obvious homestuck reference so you can consider that he is dragon version of Eridan yeah.

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discount-commission for @yosha ~ Making badges for my fursuit-customers is a tradition ahaha

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PLEASE HELP ME EARN MONEY!!! Hello everyone! I’m in the need of some money to help my family sustain and hopefully save to move out of this country and go live in a better place! So I oppened commissions! It is pretty self explanatory, but if you want to ask me anything, don’t be affraid to do so!!

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#art #cellshading #characterdesign #afro #iPhone #experimenting #instaart #sketchbookpro #jottouch Playing round with colours. I think I’m going for a cell shaded look, I’ll decide when I get back to my MacBook.

afro art cellshading characterdesign experimenting instaart iphone jottouch sketchbookpro

New Lilith image for your Wednesday. May it be full of WUBWUB! Got a favorite vault Hunter?? —- Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi, post by me #borderlands #lilithcosplay #vaulthunter #cosplay #redhair #cellshading #costume #gun #revolver #gaming

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