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Stop asking permission and go get it. That’s what I would want.

1.12 cece parekh cece x schmidt new girl newgirledit otp: girl imma marry you schmidt

“Please don’t make me laugh at you.” FEMALE AWESOME MEME- [3/5] Supporting Female Characters Cece Parekh - New Girl

cece parekh ch: cece parekh female awesome meme female-awesome-meme hannah simone mine my gifs new girl newgirledit nggifs tv: new girl

i can’t believe nick jonas and priyanka chopra are schmidt and cece irl

cece parekh new girl nick jonas priyanka chopra schmidt

Did a lil doodle of my two favourite characters from my favourite show on television 😍

cece parekh jess day love new girl nick miller schmidt winston bishop

fangirl challenge - [4/10] Friendships ⇢ Jessica Day and Cece Parekh (New Girl) “I need my friend to focus on me right now!”

* brotp:my favorite person to talk to cece parekh fgchallenge hannah simone jessica day new girl zooey deschanel

fangirl challenge - [4/15] Pairings ⇢ Schmece (Cece Parekh and Winston Schmidt) “I already have my dream, and it’s marrying you.”

* cece parekh fgchallenge new girl ngedit otp:i will never stop wanting to kiss you schmidt winston schmidt