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Clown Panaque | Panaqolus maccus (by CamMonkeh)

aquarium cat catfish clown fish fish tank freshwater panaque pleco plecostomus

What’s the most annoying and the best thing about working with Max? Best thing: he’s smarter than me, and always has very interesting and relevant insights to offer. Worst thing: he’s smarter than me and always has really interesting and relevant insights to offer.

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And again, pretty sure that is not the real guy in the picture.

catfish pof scammer alert

For more celebrities imagine (not only Nev Schulman from Catfish, but also all the celebrities you could imagine!) follow me, I follow back and answer everybody. I also do all the requests.

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THANKS FOR THE 300 followers, i love u so much🖤 here are some pics of the lads can u believe it? 12 days more and we will have more catb content✨❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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