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Went to my LFS to ‘have a look’ and left with 6 more of these guys. I bought the last 2 the shop had a year ago and have been waiting to make their numbers up. They look so small next to my adults, lol

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@thebrackishtank, ever seen something like this? A customer donated their Colombian shark (sea cat) to the LFS I work at. I know that as adults they require brackish water, but I’d never heard of them going full marine? Apparently this fella’s been full marine for like 7 years.

brackish catfish colombian shark fish marine sea cat

Utagawa Yoshitaki (ca 1841 - 1899) Oni Demon and Catfish, ca. 1871. Chuban.

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she’s beauty she’s grace she’ll slap u in the face

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Who says North American fish arn’t gorgeous? Some beautiful specimens collected on a recent research trip!

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