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I carved a special woodblock for all of my family members this year (plus my good friend @stark ) I used glow in the dark ink for my brother’s spaceship and it’s so badass, I almost don’t want to give it away. I’ll have to make one for myself sometime. Very happy with how these turned out, definitely going to keep doing this style of work. Can’t wait to give these out tomorrow!

america carving cat eagle mean girl mushroon my art printmaking santa space woodblock

Ivory mirror back with relief carving of a Knight and Lady Playing Chess, c. 1300-25, Paris, France. From the object’s listing among the collections of the V&A: “More mirror cases have survived than any other form of secular ivory. They are thin discs carved on the face with scenes of lovers, the Attack on the Castle of Love, or other subjects, while the back was so designed that a polish...

1300s 14th c. art art history carving courtship french art imagery ivory knight and lady playing chess medieval middle ages mirror back mirror case parisian art relief relief carving sculpture victoria and albert museum

pendant, Lewis Tamihana Gardiner (Te Arawa, Ngāti Awa, Whanau a Apanui, Ngāi Tahu)

carving indigenous jade lewis tamihana gardiner maori necklace new zealand ngai tahu ngati awa pendant te arawa whanau a apanui

Here you go @koalpire my entire collection of staves and wands. All collected, carved, sanded, stained and oiled by myself. Not a single one of these are used for ritual work, I might post another day of my personal hazel wand which I use for ceremonial purposes. The wands were made for friends when we were going to do a Harry Potter play so I made loads to give the actors variety when they wo...

carving handmade harry potter wand hobbies hours of my life magic staff magic wand potterhead staff wand wand collection wands woodworking