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Trying to pull my self together :3 If you like what im doing and Want to support me,You can support me on patreon. Here is the link:

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CRAZY CAR ART ”JZX100 CRESTA” Drawn by order of Chigusa Miyazaki Thank you so much! original cartoon ”mame mame rock” / © ozizo + Official web shop “STAY CRAZY (in Society6)” + Official web shop “ozizo(in Redbubble)“ + “Crazy Car Art” Line stickers

artwork automotive art cartoon crazy car art custom culture drift car illustration japanesecar jzx100 mame mame rock ozizo toyota cresta オジゾー

I still like fnaf. And yeah… i used to ship freddy and Bonnie a lot. Well i still do it.

5naf bonnie the bunny cartoon doodle fan art five nights at freddy's fnaf freddy fazbear freddy x bonnie fronnie i tried my art otp art