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1942 World Series scorecards in program book. Printed on front cover: “Official program. Twenty-five cents. 1942 World Series. New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals,” with painting of boy in baseball uniform buying war bond stamps from woman in military uniform, signed Lon Keller. Printed inside: “First war fund World Series, USO big beneficiary. This book is published by Harry M. Stevens...

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Please use this as your OPEN THREAD for today's #AZvsKC matchup!

The Kansas City #Chiefs (8-1) host...

Please use this as your *OPEN THREAD* for today's #AZvsKC matchup! The Kansas City #Chiefs (8-1) host the Arizona #Cardinals (2-6) Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

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The Creepy Neighbor Everyday (at various times of the day) this cardinal comes by and pecks on the kitchen window. Don’t worry, he doesn’t hit the window. He simply lands on the windowsill and pecks the window obnoxiously. We put up reflective stickers on the already rather tiny window and he still does it so I guess we’re family now. Maybe he doesn’t like our birdseed.

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The #Dodgers DOMINATE.

Puig leads the way with 3 homers as LA beats the #Cardinals a 3rd straight game...

The #Dodgers DOMINATE. Puig leads the way with 3 homers as LA beats the #Cardinals a 3rd straight game! #LosAngeles #Dodgers #LADetermined #DodgersWin

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Today marks the seven-year anniversary since the Red Sox shed 86 years of frustration and defeated the Cardinals in the World Series. They won again three years later and celebrated on the field in Colorado (above). Will the Rangers be the next team to celebrate? Game 6 is tonight - Texas holds a 3-2 series lead. (Robert Beck/SI) SI VAULT: Red Sox finally win World Series. Now what? (11.8.04) ...

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