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Some concept scribbles regarding a character design I adopted from PeachesOfWar/SashaKittyTheArtist a while ago~ Tsephun - Taigan/Kanni - Male - Tibetan - Buddhist novice

animals anthro canine dogs ghoulshoe kanni own art own characters peachesofwar sighthound sketches taigan tsephun

Boo would like to take a moment to spread a message. Dogs are for life. You get them as puppies and they tend to live for 10+ years. They grow attached to you, they love you and care for you. You are their family, no matter if you treat them like it or not. You are all they have when you take them into your home. Boo is an old fellow. He is gentle, kind and sweet. Boo’s age has him moving...

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I also do doggles! OwO what do you think? I’m not quite as confident as with kitties, but I might start doing a few more x

art canine cute dog doggeh doggy fluffy illustration pooch puppy schnauzer stoopid hooman woofle

Shy Crab-eating Zorros (false foxes) by Tambako the Jaguar

animals canine crab eating fox zorro

Green Headed Wild Dog Gryphon. Already sold on Furaffinity Art © Me

adoptable african wild dog art bird canine green headed tanager griffen gryphon