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Canaletto I (Giovanni Antonio Canal) (1697–1768), an Italian painter. Part 2. The images are not mine. All credits belong to their authors. Die Bilder stammen nicht von mir. Alle Rechte liegen bei den jeweiligen Autoren.

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Canaletto - The Porta Portello, Padua (1742)

1742 canaletto padua porta portello

Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto (Venice, 1697 - 1768), Venice, the Campo San Zaccaria; Venice, the Campo Santa Maria Formosa (a pair), both oil on canvas, each 47 x 77.7 cm. (18.5 x 30.625 in.)

canaletto giovanni antonio canal

The Bucintoro was the ceremonial boat of the Doge, the ruler of the Venetian republic. Once a year on Ascension Day, the Doge and other officials boarded this vessel to participate in a ritual celebrating the marriage of Venice and the sea. Here, the assembled group can be seen lining the dock. “ The Bucintoro at the Molo on Ascension Day ,&rd...

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“For an urban society, a small fertile island can be a paradise. For a suburban society, no land and no continent is big enough to still its greed, to soothe its misery. The city always defines its limits, it distinguishes urban space from rural land.” — Léon Krier

canaletto giovanni antonio canal léon krier

Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi, on the Grand Canal, Venice, Giovanni Antonio Canal, il Canaletto

canaletto giovanni antonio canal

Dolo, on the Brenta, Giovanni Antonio Canal, il Canaletto

canaletto giovanni antonio canal