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Acercup fan-arts by mintchoco, circa 2010 (She has since deleted her deviantART where these pictures were available, hence why I am posting her art here.)

ace ace x buttercup acercup buttercup fusionfall mintchoco outside source powerpuff girls ppg ppg ace ppg buttercup

quick wip cause school is keeping me busy, someday I’ll color it properly(? I just finished sbg’s More Than Human and the feels are killing meeee!!! I would like to thank @xhiale, @sherlmerl @cookiecreation, @angiensca and @gabzilla-z for ending my life in the best way possible since I got to this fanfic because of you :)

butch buttercup fanart more than human powerpuff girls ppg rowdyruff boys rrb sbj sbj more than human the greens wip