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BenBen’s pellets Ben’s picture at the vet 🖼 . ベンのペレット3種です。 ナゲットみたいな愛くるしい体型だ(笑) . . 今週は何ともまぁ、ストレスフルな一週間でありました。 ベンが目のトラブルに見舞われ、ベンの主治医の病院にアポをとろうとしたら、春休みか何かで丸一週間お休み。 ↑ ...

apd bunny hollandlop lopearedbunny oxbow oxbowpellets rabbit vet うさぎ ペレット ホーランドロップ

Does anyone has a great summer harvest?? I got lots of hot pepper, basil, and jalapeño in my garden lol another #illustration done for my calendar project!

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@themspaintguy My family was fighting alot today and ya bunny drawings cheered me up a bit so I drew the yandere bunny. Thanks.

//blood bunny i still hope it looks okay its not the best but plz do a floppy ear one day rabbit themspaintguy yandere

Lil’ gift requested by my friendo @buckdasystem for his friend Arito!

anthro arito aritosuits bunny carrot furry giftart hare my drawings plushie rabbit