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в ᴘᴇсницᴀх твоих зᴀпутᴀлись миллиᴀᴘды звᴇзд, в волосᴀх твоих тᴀнцуют лучи восходящᴇго ᴄолнцᴀ, губы твои пᴘитягивᴀют сильнᴇᴇ, чᴇм гᴘᴀвитᴀция зᴇмли, ᴋᴘылья, подᴀᴘᴇнные тобой, поднимᴀют мᴇня и уносят от...

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Yoonseok au where Yoongi aka Agust D is a famous rapper who is smitten with Hoseok, a waiter at a cafe 4/? P.S. Yoongi’s full name in Namjoon’s phone is Salty Grandpa and this is his contact photo

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A man with wise mind and words. A man whose heart is just pure as white. A man who’s driven by his dreams and passion, Someone who’ll fight for his music, A man who have a wonderful character A man whose heart is wider than the universe.

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