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…seven sketch for the fund raising i did before the weekend last friday is satanna. i always thought that having a pressure and tension when looking for a projects is manageable but when theres a family involved its weird that its become so much harder, but i think it will come to us. i thought that i will not come to this state but theres a lot of this in our life, i think always stay strong...

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Lindsey’s Rapunzel This is the first of a commissioned set of six. I was aloud to sell prints if I put her name in the title of each one. I also placed her name in each of the pictures. She wanted six different fairy tale maps. This is of Rapunzel.

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This is a cute little customizable palette from Mark that I made. These are i-Mark eyeshadows in Sugar Sugar and Truffle. Love these! Super pigmented, really blendable. I want to get more colors. I did a look with this the other day and will post it soon. The blush is “Afterglow” which people have said looks very similar to Nars Orgasm. It’s coral pink with gold shimmer. I love it!

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Instagram photo by causeimmagirl

Instagram photo by causeimmagirl

Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen 🍂 der Herbst ist eindeutig angekommen aber das stört mich gar nicht, ein wenig Abkühlung tut gut und solang die sonne scheint gefällt mir jede Jahreszeit ☀️ was haltet ihr übrigens von meiner neusten Errungenschaft? Habe mir bei @dm_deutschlanddiese hübschen Mamor-Behälter und Seifenspender gekauft 😍🌹 ich finde sie toll! Habt einen schönen ...

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--------------------------- Colors of Red Comet - Brown --------------------------- Brown represents wholesomeness, reliability, elegance, security, healing, home, grounding, foundations, stability, warmth, seriousness and is neutral color typically associated with fall and winter. In India, brown is the color of mou...

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