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Better Call Saul ′Smoke′ Minkie Spiro 2018

better call saul breaking bad minkie spiro smoke

Outfit #158 “Banana Raincoats” Breaking Bad S05x03 “Hazard Pay” These are like the portable and affordable versions of the regular yellow bunny suits from Seasons 4. Bless. The crinkly plastic reminds me of the disposable ponchos old ladies wear in the rain. It’s so hard seeing J (or, Chipmunk Cheeks I as I call him in this ep) happy as he and Walt shoot the shit in front of the T...

breaking bad chipmunk cheeks cook suit jesse pinkman master manipulation seriously what do y'all think walter white yellow

this episode of breaking bad aired on april 19th, 2009, and this was not a radical political statement of any kind. how the times have changed.

breaking bad dean norris hank schrader i was so struck by this and it... should not be like this my posts unite the right 2 vince gilligan