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(Photo by L. Landre) Occupy Milwaukee. Click through for more photo goodness.

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CYPHER ADIKTS 3YR ANNIVERSARY & HISTORY OF HIP HOP ART SHOW Last weekend we joined World of Dance Bgirl of the Year nominee Jeskilz and her Cypher Adikts to throw arguably the realest and livest celebration of the Hip Hop lifestyle in LA. After appreciating Skilz in our RITUAL exhibit with Allison “Hueman” Torneros, she approached us with the goal of turning her third anniversary party int...

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Awesome weekend at the Phoenix Karate-do 2015 Summer Gashuku. Great training, great fights, and an all around great experience. More photos to come, probably.

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REBLOG if you agree with Do-Knock that breaking should be a legit profession. What’s on your #BOTYBucketList?

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