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Bandai - - - Super Robot Chogokin - - - Genesic GaoGaiGar This is the strongest God of Destuction… The ultimate shape of Courage… The King of Braves… GENESIC GAOGAIGAR!

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I don’t get why they cast an English voice actress for Elinor in Brave. A ton of Scottish voices, and yet one English one. I know people are going to wonder what the Hell I’m annoyed about, especially English and American fans, but it pisses me off as a Scot that we get a Scottish movie and STILL not an entirely Scottish cast [YES I know indigenous movies have it entirely worse. This is a p...

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So excited to start work on my next cosplay, I found this concept art of Braveheart Merida on google and tracked down the artist who has given me his blessing to bring his sketch to life. I love the character of Merida and can’t wait to do her as part of the @dpac_uk apocalyptic princess group. You can find the artist on Deviant Art as @karate-chop.

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another goblin, looks pretty brave huh?

brave character female goblin merida sketch