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Butterwort - A Carnivorous Plant with Interesting Uses Butterwort is an insectivorous/carnivorous plant that belongs to the bladderwort family (Lentibulariaceae.) The English common name butterwort probably comes from the plant’s ability to curdle milk, but it might also be because of its mucilage covered leaves. Butterwort was once widely used in folk medicine, but much of the knowledge re...

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Fenugreek - An Herb With Impressive Health Benefits Fenugreek is one of the oldest medicinal plants known to man and has been used for hundreds of years both in Eastern and Western herbal medicine. It has been touted as a panacea, something that could cure all ailments, by many cultures around the world. In recent years it has gained popularity as a medicinal herb for many ailments. Many of ...

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Flask-shaped pitcher plant (nepenthes ampullaria) Beautiful little rubenesque pitchers

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I visited the Vogelpark Walsrode and they had a Wollemia nobilis ! It’s a living fossil from the family Araucariaceae , it was thought the family was gone extinct 2 million years ago, until a small population of these trees was discovered. Hopefully they get more popular and easier affordable, I’d like to own one someday.

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