Boston attendance was 3,321

best of the season by nearly 1,000 but still under 2016′s average

Nadim equalizes. 2-2 in #BOSvPOR https://t.co/3lxm1h4oTz

Lol when you get a turf burn right below your butt?

Smith. Still 2-1 for Boston in the 76th minute. #BOSvPOR https://t.co/ZlRbHZcJK1

Sooo… Which one is the child?

Nadim converts for Portland. Boston up, 2-1. #BOSvPOR https://t.co/AiLnaluZel

LET’S GO BREAKERS!! #BOSvPOR (at Jordan Field)

I have no idea how to gripe at all about a 14.5-player team stealing a comeback cross-country road point. Like that is hella gritty


Dowie puts Boston up, 1-0. That Leon cross tho. #BOSvPOR https://t.co/LFS2YPWbpC

Dowie puts in the work, White puts in the goal. 2-0 for Boston. #BOSvPOR https://t.co/mHwnzlXFPP

Also super upset that I’d avoided updates on BOSvPOR ‘til going to the NWSL site in search of the video (had softball practice + a friend’s graduation party) and stupid me forgot they’d have the score on the front page and highlights in the title. Freaking the first week I take Nadim out of my FL and she scores TWICE…

Now we’re talking. 👏🏼