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“We’re all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.” ~ Liam Callanan (“The Cloud Atlas”)

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The maple, persimmon, fig, and other tree leaves are turning red and orange now. The sudden change in temperature this week has caused this phenomenon. Fall is here. Today was “daylight savings“, I hope everyone changed their time. I hope everyone used their extra hour for something useful. Artist: 花紋

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Danielle A. – Medium

Danielle A. – Medium

Read writing from Danielle A. on Medium. Aspiring #book publicist -- Candidate for MS in #Publishing: Digital and Print Media. Runner, dog lover (@thepennyp), and wannabe chef. Mad about @mimllr.

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The final spread in Fashion Together, from Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler’s chapter. It shows campaigns by Juergen Teller for the Westwood brand. On the left is F/W 2011 on the right is S/S 16. I wanted to end the book with the image of Andreas dressed as a bride - it’s a little nod to how fashion shows traditionally end with a brand. It’s a tiny detail I’m sure no one will no...

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“Kavuşamayacağınızı bildiğiniz özlemekler çok çirkin ve silahlı. İnsanın doğrudan canına nişan alıyor.”

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Arum maculatum (cuckoopint) The Arum maculatum is commonly known as the “cuckoopint” plant. In the autumn, it produces orange berries that are covered by a leaf-like hood surrounded by spotted leaves. If the berries are ingested it may cause a tingling in the mouth which can lead to irritation of the mouth.

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(1-855-205-4068)United Airlines Mileage Upgrade

(1-855-205-4068)United Airlines Mileage Upgrade

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