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Are you making a rp blog for Bonnie!?!?

Are you making a rp blog for Bonnie!?!?

Mmm… I think no. Too difficult character for rp. If someone has sadistic inclinations and is able to rp, then it can create a Bonnie’s blog for rp. We’ll be glad.

anonymous bonnie krautz

Anthro Practice drawings XD Charlotte McIntyre (Bunny) belongs to me Crystie-Dark-Vampire Bonnie Krautz (Bunny) belongs to Dfox999 Cadance Blue (Kitten/Cat) belongs to Animegurl34

Anthro! Cadance Blue Charlotte McIntyre Crystie-dark-vampire animegurl34 bonnie krautz charlottemcintyre dfox999

Bonnie x Charlotte “Gangster life” AU Page 1 1-2 From Right to Left Gangster: I asked for the Money by Today! Charlotte Please! just until Friday! Bonnie:(Thinking) It’s that singer! Charlotte wasn’t it? what is she doing with a gangster? Gangster: I asked for today! Charlotte: I know i’m sorry but i am really short this week until Friday!

bonnie krautz charlottemcintyre dfox999 fnaf my oc

Good day my lovelies. I’d first like to apologize for my inactivity. Secondly. It’s my birthday today. So here I have a little gift for you. Here a sketch of Bonnie Krautz. Character belongs to @dfox999

bonnie krautz drawing fnaf sketch

HEh- I tried. ^-^ character: Bonnie Krautz by~ @dfox999

art bonnie bonnie krautz drawing fnaf

Bonnie x Charlotte Super Psycho love Drew this in June 2017 i was listening to Simon Curtis while drawing this XD

bonnie krautz charlottemcintyre dfox999 myoc

Made this out of pure bliss~

bonnie krautz tape five

Was going to post this on my main blog @animegurl34 but decided to post Bonnie here~

(~ ̄³ ̄)~ bonnie being cocky~ bonnie krautz chibi my art