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"HOME SWEET HOME" ...a view of the long and hilly winter driveway to the main farm entrance. My original photography...I digitally edited it also giving it a weaved texture for more warmth and design for my winter greeting card collection...sharing with google+ first ... -10c New Prints available in my shop!

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"GREAT HORNED OWL" proudly sharing one of my original photographs, now available at by Getty images -14c Toronto Artist / Canadian Photographer Original Photography by Anthony.D 2017©Anthony.D Fine Art, All Rights Reserved. my new fine art photography shop: check out more of my Original Nature photos here below: htt...

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When fiction influences your purchasing decisions

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N E W F R I E N D S So over the weekend Alana ( @greyandco ) with her amazing kids come by. It wasn’t really planned but it was so much fan and really exciting. My husband had to go to work to to fix something so me and Alana where left with six kids and one puppy. We had so much fun. Florence literally fell in love with Nahla and they just spend all the time together. Making their own littl...

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