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“This was the land of mist and magic, the land of freedom. Here, anything was possible. All one had to do was believe they could do it, and the magic in their blood would ignite to weave dream into reality.” Photography & fragment from Celtic fantasy novel Arcanum of Thorns © S.K. Lumen

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A bunch of packages came in today (My SDCC exclusives finally arrived) and among them was my new Create A Bratz gal! Loving everything about her! Can wait to start putting some looks together, but first…I gotta give her a name ;)

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Amazed that @themarysue & @fashionablygeek both posted write-ups about my #sailormoon #Wedding ! Been overwhelmed with the amazing positive response to my nerdy little wedding and so excited to be able share it and inspire others to realize that they can have whatever kind of wedding/life they want! Be nerdy! Be proud! Do what you want! Woooo! Be proud if who you are and what you like and never...

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Spa Review: Sphatika

Spa Review: Sphatika

As a beauty lover, I've been to a good amount of spas. There are the boujis, "better than you" spas, the super-busy "get your facial and get out" spas, and your standard but efficient salon/spa combination. Once in awhile, however, a girl is lucky enough to come... #agirlsgottaspa #beauty #blog

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