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Today! In honor of Black History month, National Black Theatre @natblacktheatre will host its latest lobby exhibition, CHANGE: Conversations With the Creator. The exhibition will feature 27 new works of art by artists of color including myself. These new works were curated to explore the space of #Afrofuturism as a gateway to manifest, strategize and capture a diverse outlook of the future of b...

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#QueenTiye (also known as Tiy, 1398-1338 BCE) was a queen of #Egypt of the 18th dynasty, wife of the pharaoh #AmenhotepIII, mother of #Akhenaten, and grandmother of both #Tutankhamun and Ankhsenamun. She exerted an enormous influence at the courts of both her husband and son and is known to have communicated directly with rulers of foreign nations. The Amarna letters also show that she was high...

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Adafruit’s comic book reading list: M.F.K. by NIlah Magruder #adafruitcomics #blackhistorymonth @nilaffle

Adafruit’s comic book reading list: M.F.K. by NIlah Magruder #adafruitcomics #blackhistorymonth @nilaffle

A new edition of Adafruit’s comic reading list — it’s Nat Turner created by Kyle Baker, written up by Shipping Group Managing Director Zay! Genre-mixing’s the way of the world nowadays, which…

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So I got the new @wacom MobileStudio Pro. As a Mac user, I have to adjust the PC interface. But its not the bad. I installed @clip_studio and it works flawlessly. I highly recommend this for anyone like myself that’s constantly on the go. It’s a bit pricey, but if you want quality, you gotta dish out those dollars (then again I don’t waste money on crap like sneakers and name brand clothe...

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64 years, 10 children, & 60 some grandchildren later…man your love is beautiful Grandma & Grandpa!! Now thats some #BlackHistory for ya #BlackLove #Family #MaddoxFamily #BlackHistoryMonth #muzy

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“All this new stuff they call rock ‘n’ roll, why, I’ve been playing that for years now…ninety percent of roc-and-roll artists came out of the church, their foundation is the church.” #sisterrosettatharpe #inventedrockandroll #godmotherofrocknroll #blackqueerwomen #blackhistorymonth #arkansasnative

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Tune into the “soundtrack of New York City”. Ashley Bryan’s posters are being spotted everywhere in the subway stations! Where have you seen these “New York Voices”? Read more about the brilliant Bronx born 93 year old children’s book author & illustrator, Ashley Bryan, in the MTA press release: The posters are available for sale at New York Transit Museum ...

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All black people didn’t arrive in the “Americas” on slaveships from Africa. African indigneous tribes were already in “America” way before “Christopher Columbus”, the indigneous black aborigines of America… (History of the Yamassee Native Americans) Language: Yamassic “Yamassic”; … … Verb: Yamassee “Yamassee” Gentle Noun: Yamassee “Yamassee” a Native Ame...

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5 New Badass Superheroes In Honor of Black Comics Month

5 New Badass Superheroes In Honor of Black Comics Month

In honor of Black History Month Check out these 5 New Superheroes That Everyone Should Know! Mosaic: Morris Sackett Okemus: Cale Black: Kareem Jenkins Ice Witch: Chenoa D’Ken Eating Vampires: Rigel Alexa   1. Morris Sackett aka MOSAIC Marvel:... #black #blackcomicsmonth #blackhistorymonth

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