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“All across the universe the stars are fadin’ seems I’ve gotten lost on my way All I want to do is try to find myself Come and let me look in your eyes” a doodle that got a bit too serious- hnfshgnl im really happy with how this turned out ;; you might need to click the image to get a more high-res look! commissions | ko-fi

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I just got my first tattoo yesterday! It’s bird wings with my sister, @spicytea ’s birth flowers in the middle. It’s still sinking in that I have a tattoo now, gonna take a bit before I get used to it 😅

bird wings curiosity killed the cosplayer daisy sweet pea tattoo

updated sona its the last one i promise i cant promise that

bird wings hoodie msmsam my sona my sona and me persona skirt sona wings