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Spending this wonderful Saturday afternoon at my favorite local coffee shop studying for my first Biology test! Aiming for another 4.0 semester! :)

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2.06.18 - revision n gay ★ hope you enjoy this second post of the day with my creased pride flag background - fun fact: my flags been folded up in my closet since London pride last year (how ironic) ★ to add to the last post, if y’all have any Qs abt anything lgbt - about yourself, about a friend, about anything - my ask/messages are always open. advice is subjective but I’m a good lis...

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day 7/100 * 15:32 today i want to do many productive things and i started with rewriting my biology notes while listening to beethoven’s symphony no. 3 🎼 then i’m planning to study for my history testS and maybe revise some literature

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Noi usiamo e buttiamo, però capiamo e scopriamo. Rip piccola Eppendorf :(

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Unit 2 started off with the cardiovascular system and I really enjoyed reading and learning about the heart, its anatomy, ect. Can’t believe there is only 3 more weeks of bio left.

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25.10.18 | Report writing in bed 📑 The first couple of weeks of my last year as an undergrad student (how did this happen? 😱) have been extremely hectic. But I’m trying my best to stay on top of everything. Today has been so tiring, that unfortunately I ended up writing my lab report in bed. Oh well, at least I’m getting it done 💁🏼‍♀️ Let’s do it! 🌟 zuzia

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