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Artist Daniel Heidkamp (and son) and writer and gallerist Bill Powers at Steve DiBendetto’s opening at Half Gallery

art bill powers daniel heidkamp half gallery

Andrew Kuo (@earlboykins) opening tonight at Half Gallery, 6–8pm

andrew kuo bill powers earl boykins half gallery

Incoming UT System Chancellor Adm. William McRaven catches a Longhorns men’s basketball game Tuesday night with President Bill Powers and Regents Vice Chairman Steve Hicks.

bill powers steve hicks university of texas ut austin ut. william mcraven

A Test Of Love by Bill Powers 16-year old Patricia is pregnant and her boyfriend, Tommy, is pretty immature about the whole deal. As it happens, Patricia ends up getting hit by a school bus and losing the baby, sadder but wiser for the experience. This is an odd book because it comes out to about sixty pages with a large font; it’s illustrated almost every page with a black and white photog...

1979 a test of love bill powers pregnant vintage books ya books