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5:40 PM - Before the Sunset Sunset Beach, Treasure Island. Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

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Harper’s Bazaar Singapore April 2018 Ph: Georges Antoni Style: Windy Aulia Hair Stylist: Daren Borthwick MUA: Gillian Campbell Set Stylist: Alicia Sciberras Models: Maggie Jablonski & Becca Horn

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I completely forgot to post this here, oops. A commission I drew for @asutoura!

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Proof that kaisoo is real cus look ok Lay was supposed to be there actually and kai replaced him ok but after the lottery step thing theres a step where kyung like types or gives money BUT LOOK AT THIS there’s no holding hands in the original choreo whom are yall tryna fool kaisoo😢❤❤❤❤❤😢 THEY BOTH ARE SO CUTE ERMEGAWD. LIKE UM KYUNG IS AN EGG AND KAI IS A SEXY IGUANA IDEK E...

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I wish that the Hetalia creators would make an episode of the winter war between Finland and Russia and basically more interactions between them :D And yeah I love badass Finland xD

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