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今日はほんとに良い経験をさせて貰いました。まさかの雪山だったけど改めて大知君のバランス感覚に驚きました! 一緒に登ってくれたお友達にも感謝🎵ツァータオル出したら「え?まさかあのCMの場所?」と言われ😌 伝えて無かったことに気付いて…

bemyself peaker 三浦大知 伊那前岳

I am being myself. There is no need comparing others to me. I have allergic competition. We are the Nubian Queen and sistas. #nubian #nubiangirls #overtheweekend #nocompareothertome #bemyself

bemyself nocompareothertome nubian nubiangirls overtheweekend

Sometimes, I don’t know who I am. But I know exactly who I am, I just can’t set myself free. I don’t feel like I’m accepted for who I am. I know, I’m different. Always have been. It took a while but I have accepted that I am a magical free spirit and I’m not afraid to be myself. Because I love the way I am, even if I may have a low self esteem. I don’t have a problem talking abou...

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