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Bella Hadid Has a Foolproof Bob Strategy for the Last Days of Summer

For Bella Hadid, chin-grazing ...

*Bella Hadid Has a Foolproof Bob Strategy for the Last Days of Summer* For Bella Hadid, chin-grazing hair is just an excuse for an endless arsenal of updos. From greased up knots to tautly woven plaits, her scrape-backs tend to channel a certain unfettered ease. Today's sleek style trick? Pinning her bob into a half-up look, with a dash of height for good measure. Know more:

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💪🏼♥️✌🏼🤙🏼 (how creative am I lol) SO proud of @gigihadid and the genius @tommyhilfiger for creating an awesome collection yet again! Bravo 👏🏼✨🤘🏼 #gigihadid #tommyhilfiger #tommyxgigi #LFW #anwarhadid #bellahadid

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Believe me, you don’t want mess with the Hadid sister. “ I had so much fun in doing this (even if it took soo long ahah) but I am really proud about the result. I chose Lava for Bella, ‘cause girl…she’s always on fire and badass. And Gigi has invisibility because I remebered her telling that she likes this power in one of the 73 Vogue Questions. So I really hope they and you guy...

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