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beatboards for a storyboard project I did this past semester.

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Old beatboards (pretty rough at the end) for a Nickelodeon Spin Off tv show, pretty famous ;) I was designer/Art director and also I did those beatsboards during 2015, Gabriel Swarr was the amazing Director and Producer I had to manage a team of Artist, it was an extraordinay experience.. Gabriel let me work in the direction I wanted, he trusted me and respected my art. he is really an...

animation art beatboards drawing mylydy nickelodeon tvshow

Just going through my drafts now~ (Btw I’m much more active on Instagram)

beatboards story artist storyboards tsota

Beatboard drawings by Vance Gerry. Hercules

Hercules Vance Gerry beatboards disney animation story titans

Small selection of story beatboards I did for the ‘Bigfoot Junior’ feature. (nWave studios Brussels)

beatboards bigfoot

A few Vance Gerry sketches he did for the Tarzan beatboards. So gorgeous.

Tarzan Vance Gerry beatboards concept art disney animation visual development

Lava Beatboards

beatboards lava

some iffy beatboards for visual storytelling

??????????? beatboards endtown furrys????? porocora

Beat-boards for storyboarding class! One of them will extend into an animated piece! Click on the pictures for captions. ✨

artistsontumblr beatboards comic originalart

Trying to do something new, I made a beat board and animatic loosely based on an event from an RP I played a few weeks ago. (Legend of the 5 Rings, if anyone’s familiar with it). I used a free program called Storyboarder to make the animatic drawings, its a little on the rough side but I impressed with the results. No sound though, I wanted to just get something out sooner rather than later. ...

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Brave Beatboards

beatboards brave

My story internship at Illumination Mac Guff is over now, so I thought I could share some of the work I did there! These are beatboards I worked on in the beginning, with the Sing characters.

beatboards illumination sing thumbnails