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So fortunate to be able to get Winter Scenes in the 3rd week of Spring!
OK, wasn't that fortunate, but...

*So fortunate to be able to get Winter Scenes in the 3rd week of Spring!* OK, wasn't that fortunate, but the scenery with snow on it is unreal. You never see this in Key West, Curacao or Bermuda. *As I say often* ; stay off 100 series Highways *Random photos from our April explore of another area of the province of Nova Scotia* The plan, is to visit Amherst, Nova Scotia for the night, sightsee...

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Gotta check out cause I’m going on vacation this year, and want you to show up and party with me! #vacation #babyitscoldoutside #thinksummer #hot #beaches #bikinis #jamaica #hedo So JOIN M

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Mediterranean Sea in Agami near Alexandria, Egypt

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Twitter | Instagram That last splatfest is making me miss the beach hardcore. I hope we get a splatfest of waterpark vs beaches. I would never be happier

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breakwater beach / linnell landing beach brewster, ma 6.16.17

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