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I took this picture here in Barcelona April 16, 2006 i was very proud of these pictures when i took them and thought of them as i have walked around town this visit so hunted them down to share now there was some bear event happening and i was not feeling like being in the bar i went walking and was mesmerized by the Plaza de Espania and this street was a glorious promenade to these sta...

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One of the best experiences of my life. I danced on the same stage of incredible stars as Kimin Kim, Evgenia Obraztsova, Tiler Peck, Anastasia Limenko, Gonzalo Garcia, Semion Chudin and others amazing people. Together we created something beautiful and powerful. I almost cried for joy on stage. I’ll miss everything and everyone. (And I’ll definitely post more about the performances of t...

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A color study in pink - Casa Horta in Barcelona by Guillermo Santoma — view more @__goodspaces

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”Camarón de la Isla” Barcelona. 11/09/2018. Foto de Pepín.

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