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My dear Suga ♡ For the amazing @anothergirlinthecrowdx hope they fit your photo plz tell me if they do (or don’t !!!!!) All credit to the owners of the pictures ! Thanks to reblog, follow me or like the picture if you use it ! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Suga with black hair is my favorite suga ! Who is your favorite suga ? ;);)

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Stop hurting Jungkook. He is very soft. We all just should show our love and support to our idols. We can loose them very easy. Even if we don’t like someone, then just don’t show this disgusting hate for them. There are people who love this person. And this person is just a human and have feelings. We all should remember about that. We should just human being. And please stop using Jonghyu...

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yourpinkpill replied to your post “remember that one puma vid where yoongi was lying in jungkook’s lap? i…” [jog my memory and repost it? it’s been a long time] this video it’s quick but like omfg why was it necessary what are they trying to tell us (also yoongi’s hair was iconic) @sugakookiefactory OOOHH YAS!! That vid is in my memory as ‘the day that Park Jimin was less tha...

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