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Piece almost ready for this weeks group show in #Cumbria Variation of an Emperor Moth_2, Ballpoint Pen and Photoshop on Paper, 2017

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Happy day to all of you!

Part of my Draw 180 challenge is to include biro (British speak?), or ballpoint...

Happy day to all of you! Part of my *Draw 180* challenge is to include biro (British speak?), or ballpoint pen drawings. Using ink as the initial layout, there is no turning back! I find myself erasing constantly and I now challenge myself to commit to a line. I went through some intense emotion the first couple of drawings but eventually grew confidence. In this drawing, you can see my initia...

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Eva Green as Isabelle from The Dreamers (2003) I did this sketch for Eva’s birthday some months ago, i hope someday i can give it to her personally. Follow me on IG: Renjh_art to see more of my drawings (:

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