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The Town Hall Another background design I did for Long Gone Gulch, co-created by @tarabillinger and @snaggle-teeth (Zach Bellissimo)! If you haven’t heard about this project and want to learn more about it, you can check out @longgonegulch or go to their Kickstarter page here: More designs coming soon!

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“so no one told you life was gonna to be this way” I added something Canadian in this picture….( KD)

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So I had to design a landscape for one of my classes and I asked y’all a couple weeks ago to send me ideas. @radioactivedelorean said “space forest!” and I thought…. “welp…time to stretch those creative muscles.” And here you go. It was required to have a foreground, middle ground and background, with overlapping elements and at least one archeological object (the rover) to show ...

background design but considering i never do i am a vampire then backgrounds are a wooden cross but i really like space copyrighted especially since it was a challenging idea i mean space forest?! i'll probably upload an updated version after my instructor gives his critique i'm an astronomical enthusiast ^^ i'm pretty proud of this landscape design original art skaleigha art

You know, it occurs to me that I’ve never posted any work from my day jobs before. These are some background designs I did for Turbo FAST on Netflix, back in 2014-2015.

artists on tumblr background design but it was a really good learning experience dreamworks hopefully i've gotten better i think i spent that entire production feeling as though my stuff was subpar it's very weird to look at them after so long layout titmouse turbo fast work