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an older Tezca and Xenon thing, before I got Tezca really figured out and based on talks on what if novakids could have mouths. Novakids are weird. bonus guy they’re yelling at:

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Here she is…… She has the STUPIDEST outfit because I’m lazy but also because she’s a big gay and either wears stuff given to her, that’s fancy, or nothing at all. Tuc gave her the nautilus which she wears for good luck when she flies long distances Character: Keeha

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The Bird is Nonstop The frigatebird is a flying conundrum: an aquatic bird that spends most of its life at sea, but can never touch the water. Fregata minor, the great frigatebird, is found throughout the tropical oceans, where it feeds off of shallowly swimming fish, often catching flying fish as they leap from the water. Their plumage is black, with a striking red neck sac on the males. Soar...

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