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Grape Jelly Two Piece Swimsuit Or Starfire cosplay, idk. Model: Aureli Designer: DarkNerd, depending on your interpretation QR Artist: DarkNerd Tbh it was gonna be a one piece but it looked weird being so close to her skintone

2 piece bathing suits 2 piece bikini 2 piece swimsuit 2 piece swimwear ac ac hhd ac jellyfish ac nl ac octopus achhd achhd jellyfish achhd octopus acnl acnl jellyfish acnl octopus aureli bikini custom villager hack hacking hhd jellyfish nl octopus swimsuit texture hack to piece bikini two piece bathing suit two piece swimsuit two piece swimwear

Tuesday Leftover cake for breakfast! Not the healthiest breakfast but certainly very tasty!

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Okay so i got Aureli (the troll I mentioned yesterday) here figured out. Thanks to Haru I have a best friend and boss for Soliel. Here are some facts for her. -She is a CEO of a the biggest tech companies on Alternia. A genius at the tech herself, she is the beauty and the brains of the company. -She is all about power. So much she buys out other companies all the time or she has Soliel...

aureli aureli art aureli things i can't on mobile i will tag haru when i get home not my art

Marguerite and Faust. 1865. A. Aureli

a. aureli aureli italy marguerite and faust

i got farther on this pic but i really have to work on it so i’ll show an older wip~

aureli band au doodles my art oc ocs sketches

Aureli doesn’t get out often, but when he does, he just lies down and doesn’t care about a thing

aureli hamtag

Moon Deity based off of one that @greed-islands made

aureli moon deity vinny doodles

КПБ поплин МАКСИ ЕВРО "Аурели" 1 730.00 руб. http://xn--37-dlcmno3cf.xn--p1ai/product/kpb-poplin-maksi-yevro-aureli/ СОСТАВ: хлопок 100% Ткань: Поплин плотностью 110 г/м Пододеяльник: 1 шт. 217х240 см, 240 см - ширина изделия Простыня: 1 шт. 220х240 см, 240 см - ширина издели...

DOGMA - Pretty Vacant. Proposal for the transformation of office space into housing in the Quartier Léopold - Brussels, Belgium - 2014

2014 absolute architecture architecture art aureli belgium brussels dogma office plans quartier leopold technique transformation


I haven’t done this with Aureli. Idk how many I will do. But Reblog with 1 troll and she will judge them.

aureli trolling judging

Bam!. Dress sprites for the ball. Like I said Aureli is going with Soliel.

12th perigee ball 2018 aureli aureli art midnightarts yule ball

redesigned my jellyfish troll! aureli lucern. she’s of course based off of moon jellies. her freckles glow

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