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(Art by the amazing @fmsdraws​, who’s also handsome! He told me I can use this pic if I make sure you guys know he’s the best.) The Omega Timeline RP Discord server Now that Deltarune is bringing new people into the fandom, what better time to make this promo? I actually planned to do this for the first OT comic’s 3rd year anniversary, which is on 29th, but the sooner the better! Wha...

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Oh Marcos.. your ideas

asriel marcos mebi undertale

He became a really tol goat ! Happy birthday Asriel from @caretaker-au !! :D

asriel asriel dreemurr asriel's bday caretaker au chara chara dreemurr undertale

Classic Flowey/Asriel Moodboard without any sprites and a lot of yellow requested by anon. I hope you like it! Even though you didn’t ask for sprites, I still wanted to represent Asriel and Flowey in some way?? I’m sorry if you don’t like that. I can redo it if you wish. Just message me ^^

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“The pre-song: Calendula and Grapes” Illustration for my fanfic “From the higher world” (on Russian) #part_content Based on Undertale AU - Tribetale by @diesel-1997

asriel chara chasriel illustration tribetale undertale au undertale fanfiction undetale