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Miłość is out now! How many Polish drone music producers do you know? How many of them are girls? In that light, it’s worth paying attention to a solo project of Tekla Mrozowicka, a drone sculptor with three faces (técieu / cétieu / éctieu) who, according to certain individuals, emerged on the Polish electronic scene as unexpectedly as jack-in-the-box as throughout the last 365 days s...

artwork bandcamp cat cats cd drone experimental fyh records fyh!rec fyh!records harsh noise harsh noise wall mini cd miłość noise pink poland polish music post-metal tecieu tekla mrozowicka velvet warsaw

Liliana Mumy (Leni’s Voice Actress) uploaded that photo to Instagram, so I thought it was a good idea to do a quick drawing. Liliana Mummy (Actriz de voz de Leni) subió esa foto a Instagram, así que me pareció una buena idea hacer un dibujo rapido.

artwork cartoon drawing fanart javisuzumiya leni loud liliana mumy myart nickelodeon the loud house tlh

In between two Star Trek Discovery drawings, there‘s always time to add something to my Jason Isaacs collection. I promised you this one and as an old Case Histories fan, it was my biggest pleasure to draw this heartwarming picture with the wonderful Amanda Abbington 😘❤️

amanda abbington art artwork case histories colored pencil art colored pencil drawing dawing fanart jackson brodie jason isaacs

As of today, KanyeFashion has a new, amazing, profile picture, thanks to Degausser! If you like his work, head over to his website and show your support by getting a T-Shirt with your favorite design on it! Thanks Degausser!

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A fantastic piece of artwork featuring Wonder Woman vs. Osira, art by Al Rio.

al rio artwork dc comics osira wonder woman