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BDAY PRESENT FOR MY LIL BRO @sheldonzilla!!!! sorry its a day late ;O; gluttony is the cutest

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15 day watchdog challenge Day 1 Practice those expressions! Doodle a page of watchdogs with a variety of facial expressions! Watchdogs always are so expressive, I always feel satisfied once I draw them.

arts watchdog challenge woy

Iyla wasn’t really on board with her chosen experiment until she found out after the egg got bigger, she’d be like that for an entire month. She’s got a lot of cam shows to plan for that time :)

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Arsene, Ignitus’s youngest sibling and only sister, has needed a redesign for yeeeeears. Work was really slow today, so I had time to doodle her 8D not too happy with it yet tho. She likes purposefully annoying Acerbus mehehehehee

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