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I kind of wish I was a sexy, flirty, beautiful unicorn princess that made out with boys all the time and had lots of fun, but I guess drawing one is as close as I’ll get tbh Her name is Hera, she’s my fursona I guess?? I dunno how furries work help She’s a self-proclaimed princess and she does a lot of taking rather than giving. She is a lovely girl, though~ Very sweet and funny and ado...

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oils after a long time. just trying to figure out color mixing and stuff like that – it was fun (i believe she’s supposed to be asia matthews)

artists on tumblr asia matthews black models oil painting painting portrait

#madewithpaper / Just a little greeting card for you, Rosi @roav May you have a wonderful year full of creativity, luck and health! I look forward seeing more of your amazing art! Truly inspiring?

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10.03.17 : Stars/Water “A quick way to warm up,” I said “Not gonna put much effort into it.” I said. (Used @cryptidsp00n and @mehringguie ‘s prompt list here)

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