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So I wanted to try doing some digital paint again for the heck of it. Feel like before I had better brushes to paint with though, can’t seem to find one that blends colour to the right amount. Anyways, also wanted to draw something non human. Was going to do an object study, but sadly couldn’t find any interesting objects in the house. XD

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Happy birthday to Hadley! (and many thanks to @deathbyjuniorjumble who reminded me through my overworked haze that today is in fact the 17th) I just added color and shading to her Pride Month version because I don’t get any days off this week to do something brand new for this .

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Hello world! We are YEA girls! After much thought and collaborative debate, we ended up going with the simplest studio name we could think of. YEA girls consists of Yan Gabriella, Erica De Chavez, and Angeli Rafer. Too clever? Too obvious? Too bad. As a new 2017 initiative, we are starting our own studio collective in an effort to unify ourselves at future conventions and art fairs that w...

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