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Vonn Sketch - 2.1.18 Created this small faun sketch while in between putting the final touches on my upcoming patreon! Sometimes you gotta do a drawing for yourself as a mental break when doing a lot of work that’s not drawin. You won’t see me complain tho as I know that being an independent artist comes with its own set of backend work, marketing, and self-promotion that needs to be done! ...

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First preliminary clean-up, then more detailing where the two heads come apart. Clean-up is always the most time-consuming prt, and it feels like not much is happening… Still brooding over possibilities of what to do with the surrounding area… . . #sculpture #sculpturesofinstagram #clay #artist #instaartist #instaart #art

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Wonderful digital artworks from Scotland based digital illustrator Anna Dittmann @annadittmann at“Reverie”, © Anna Dittmann

anna dittmann art artist digital artist digital illustrator reverie scotland

Vonnart’s Weekly Wednesday Livestream!Topic: Victor Maury showing his mad skills creating Mermaids! Special Guest “Riot Games” Artist Victor Maury will be drawing Mermaids on today’s Twitch Stream! Come join us and watch some nautical creations! Watch here: Watch on the Twitch channel HERE!

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Vonnart Twitch Stream - The Collector Pt 3 I’m back on twitch today!! After a 2 week hiatus of travelling across the country for cons, I’m ready to pick back up on the Collector creature made entirely of hands! Come watch as I render more hands out, continue developing the story, and talk Dragon Con!! Watch live at 2PM CST HERE!

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