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This is like the only productive thing I’ve done for amino in a while (and it’s still crap 😂😖) and this is totally what I’m imagining Billy would do in a kid’s party *maniacal laughs*

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Fall Out Boy Creation Challenge | Hereforthefallfob ↳ Theme: Countdown to Mania | Day 15: Hold Me Tight Or Dont . Hold me for whatever reason reminds me of like palm trees and sunsets and going to festivals in the summer and looking out over the like balcony of the stadium and seeing all the lights of the rides and such, so that’s what sparked this idea

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DRAW THIS AGAIN CHALLENGE - Flareon - Watercolor Painting

DRAW THIS AGAIN CHALLENGE - Flareon - Watercolor Painting

Original upload: 2016 Hey peeps! In this video I am doing a draw this again challenge by redrawing an old Flareon picture I did when I was about 10. It went from a small colored pencil drawing to a watercolor painting. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ------------------------ -YOUTUBE: -INS...

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