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Ball on the 14th July - Theophile Alexandre Steinlen

art art nouveau french painter theophile alexandre steinlen

Fanart of Heavenfell’s Frisk in art nouveau style ! It was fun to play with colors for this one ! I hop you’re alright and that this little gift will please you @heavenfell-au !   Heavenfell belongs to @heavenfell-au   Art by me

angel angel!frisk art art nouveau brown drawing frisk heavenfell heavenfell au heavenfell!frisk heavenfell-au heavenfell-mum illustration my art newart orange red the angel traditionnal drawing underfell underfell au undertale undertale au vitrail white wings yellow

Trust & Betrayal |The Cruel Prince | Clip Studio Paint This is an art nouveau piece which took me way too long and nearly destroyed my dominant arm in the process. There’s a lot of teeny tiny details (scar on Jude’s hand, for example) and I’m very proud of how it turned out. I think there’re around 17-20 intentional details in it? Also, that’s Madoc’s crest in the background. I ...

art nouveau cardan cardan greenbriar cruel prince digital art fae faerie fairies flower crown folk of the air gold gold paint jardan jude jude duarte jurdan locke locke x taryn prince cardan tail team taryn taryn duarte taryn x locke tcp tfota the cruel prince the folk of the air

The Chap-Book. Thanksgiving No. Cover by Will H. Bradley, 1895 Smithsonian American Art Museum

art art nouveau chap book illustration thanksgiving will bradley

Nude with Flying Swans - Meredith Frampton 1919

art art nouveau english painter meredith frampton