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Fővárosi Állat- és Növénykert - Élőben minden időben Elefántház, belső csarnok. Épült: 1912, felújítva: 1999. Tervezte: Neuschloss Kornél, szecessziós stílusban, keleties jegyekkel.

art nouveau at budapest budapest zoo elefántház europe hungary neuschloss kornél unmailed zoo állatkert

Wow y’all, I absolutely suck at posting here, haha. Welp, I better try and get back into it. I have two shirts on today! “Diana” and “Lucca & Robo”, which are $12 and you get 25% off with the code “Independence”! I think that’s a pretty good deal. :)

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Three Perfumes - Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh 1912

art art nouveau female artists margaret macdonald mackintosh scottish painter

“Are people born Wicked? Or do they have Wickedness thrust upon them?” *please do not repost or edit* Available INPRNT | S6 | Threadless | RB

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@tacticalnymphomania liked this and asked me to post the sketch where she could reblog it. How could I say no?

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