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My illustration for a little article I wrote about museums and activism

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We learned about this in art history and I couldn’t resist. This is Christ in a mandorla. My professor keeps describing it as “almond shaped” but let’s face it, it’s a yoni. Whenever Christ appears in a mandorla, it is meant to symbolize a portal into the supernatural. This particular example, of Christ with the 4 evangelists is of Christ in majesty, which means it’s a scene having ...

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Rodelinda, acte 1: « Dove sei, amato bene? » (Bertarido) – Georg Friedrich Händel « Dove sei, amato bene? Vieni, l'alma a consolar. Sono oppresso da’ tormenti ed i crudeli miei lamenti sol con te posso bear. » Sur le Rivage (On the Seashore) George Elgar Hicks, 1879

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