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Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) in New York City on March 5, 1964. (Original Caption) Diplomats and artists today witnessed the presentation to Cassius Clay of a bronze sculpture, Ode to Cassius Clay created by Dutch sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp, who with his brother, Garritt, has a studio in New York City. The brothers came here from the Netherlands six years ago and are graduates of the ...

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Lil Witchy Buns She finally got colored

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I’m finally posting art and of course I’m in Bacillus hell and I want to FUCK the nasty, somehow attractive, plant man. See ya guys later cause this is what I’ll probably be drawing for the next thousand years… Also, go check out @witcheuline ! Their work is frigging amazing and its a fantastic comic!!

art bacillus cartoon art fanart i'm pretty sure my friends have lost all respect for me i'm thirsty af marker art my art my artwork prismacolor this is the content no one asked for from this blog this is what i went to art school for witcheuline