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Happy Women’s History Month, from Calamity! Redbubble | Patreon | Ko-Fi

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「ミリオンライブまとめ1」/「鳴海アラタ」のイラスト [pixiv] ※Permission granted by the artist to reprint their artwork. Please do not remove the source. Also, make sure to support the artist by rating/bookmarking their artwork!

art emily stewart idolm@ster million live アイドルマスターミリオンライブ イラスト エミリー 鳴海アラタ

CATRA BABY I LOVE YOUU the concept is from this post But worry not! I’ll also make a catradora version :3

art catra catra shera cute digital art drawing illustration my artwork she ra art shera shera and the princesses of power shera art spop