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Astra from the Platinum by Demetrios Collection. A Royal Romance

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It's #royalwedding weekend! ...Did your invitation get lost in the mail too? 😅Celebrate with these ...

It's #royalwedding weekend! ...Did your invitation get lost in the mail too? 😅Celebrate with these lemon and elderflower "Sparkle Markles"! Get the Recipe: #harryandmeghan #aroyalromance #sparklemarkle #royalweddingcake

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Bitch don’t talk about my boyfriend like that, or you’ll be choking down your next Cordonian Ruby!! I mean… aw shit she’s onto me!

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📷© Don’t get me wrong ppl. I respect Duchess Meghan and rlly admire her. But we should also take a moment to praise and respect His Royal Highness, Prince Harry. Barriers have been crossed, just to be with the love of his life, no matter what the cost, no matter the odds are, no matter what the people are going to say for breaking the protocols. I have so much respect for this prince 💕...

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Why am I watching the Harry/Meghan Lifetime Movie? Also this scene where Harry prevents Prince Charles from shooting a Lion 🦁 is both ridiculous and amazing. #aroyalromance @lifetimetv


In honor of the announcement of the #RoyalEngagement #HarryAndMeghan I’m reading my favorite lesbian romance novel, #ARoyalRomance by @jennyframe91. I’ve read like fiddylevin times and I can’t enough of Beatrice and Princess Georgina… ❤️❤️❤️

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Posted watching #harryandmeghan #aroyalromance because you know life 🤷🏾‍♂️😬😂

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