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アクィラと鷲/呼ばれリットリオ/不安なローマ[ワンドロ] by artist カメーリエ@砲雷撃戦にー21 (@Kamelie12)

aquila artist id 362833 kancolle kancolle late night genuine 1 hour drawing kantai collection littorio roma

who knows, maybe it’ll be something like this in the musical? (。◕‿◕。)

aquila ask exo exo fanart hans school oz suho xiuho xiujun xiumin

commisioned by: Siyuan Pan littorio 結婚式 by artist Welp. / ノドカナ ユキ

aquila artist id 12748886 kancolle kantai collection libeccio littorio pola roma zara

イタリア艦パーリィ | 38_colis

38_colis aquila art kancolle libeccio littorio pola roma zara