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There’s something about a split skirt and over the knee boots thats just so nice… I can’t put my finger on it. I just think its Aquila’s official combo, its flowy and trails around beautifully yet the slits allow more movement than a regular skirt.. Idk the high boots look like ‘combat’ or ‘battle’ boots.. haha. Plus the occasional tight peeking, its more subtly sexy than mos...

aquila battle dress battle sorceress fashion stuff lulz slit skirt warrior mage

Flames of Rebirth Heart of the Dragon Some of my favorite musics sorted by avian/draconian themes. This was made a few months ago and will need some work, but just posting to give you a preview… much more will be added, and perhaps a third list for the encounter of these two worlds.

aquila dark souls ost dragon fantay music phoenix playlist shadow of the colossus sindra two steps from hell within temptation

「しもぶくれ」 2017 アルキド樹脂絵具/紙 225×180mm 夜の街燈さん(新宿)で展示販売中

alkyd antique doll aquila bonnet torii tsubaki

*"Up, Up, and Away."*  Ryan: "The Galactic Center and Scorpius up to Serpens Cauda, Aquila, Saggita, and Vulpecula. The CZ-4B Rocket makes an appearance slightly as well. It's a rocket booster from a Chinese Earth satellite launched in the past. The booster is now just a piece of 'space junk' that orbits our Earth."   Credit: Ryan Hallock Image Capture Location: West Seneca, New York, United...

aquila art astronomy astrophotography cosmos galacticcenter galaxy milkyway newyork saggita science serpenscauda space stars universe usa vulpecula

Gli antichi sciamani ci insegnano che ogni penna o piuma può diventare un oggetto sacro e rituale. Esse esercitano da sempre un grande fascino per l’uomo, per la loro bellezza e per il potere legato al volo. Collegate all'elemento Aria, oltre che all'archetipo di ogni singola specie di volatile, ogni piuma è in grado di creare un ponte con l'energia dello spirito dell'Aria. Gli uccelli, ...

aquila archetipo aria cielo colibrì curanderia curanderismo curandero elementi fagiano falco gallo pachamama pavone penne piume rituale sciamanesimo sciamani sciamanico sciamanismo sciamano spiriti spiritismo super conscio taita terra

Been working on my fantroll directory, so I’ve been busy making character busts for it.

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assassin’s creed meme→ six locations: Davenport Homestead [3/6]

ac ac meme ac3 achilles aquila assassin's creed iii connor kenway davenport davenport homestead