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August 27th: Canon Divergence/Alternative Ending 「手牽著手,等待時間變換、一起變老。」 —Spouse by Hikari Late for Eruri Weekend, but oh well x'D Inspired by Hikari’s Eruri drabbles and the fabulous @eruwinsmiths ! twitter | plurk | pixiv → my art tag

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My Realm | Delusor Levi : Delusor [World Cosplay] Photography: Mistiqarts [World Cosplay] Retouch : GREED [World Cosplay] [VKontakte] [DeviantArt] [Twitter] & Mistiqarts [World Cosplay] Costume: Mistiqarts [World Cosplay] Crafting: Delusor [World Cosplay] Support my work by becoming my Patron and get loads of exclusive perks.

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This girl is created by isyama for some juice reason. Maybe eren is thirsty then drink this beautiful lady tybur.

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Attack on Stay-Puff Michael Mayne Deviant Art Blog Twitter

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