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Watched 1 and 2 last night . The first is ok , but mostly nostalgia for me . The second I absolutely love ! Due almost entirely to @markpattonnoes2 and his fantastic portrayal of an actual awkward teenager, you almost never get that in horror and I don’t think anyone has done it so well in the genre . #anightmareonelmstreet #anightmareonelmstreet2 #horror #horrormovies #halloween #october ...

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Oh Elm St 2. Okay 10 Reasons people should like it more 1. let’s just get the obvious out of the way. It’s the so called “Gay” Elm ST move. Full of such amazing subtext and so ahead of its time. 2. Jesse May actually be a better dancer then Violet from Friday the 13th 5. 3. the score is really creepy and the only one in the series to not use the Classic Elm st theme. 4. Wait!…....

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Day 19 of #Halloween #Horror #Movie Month. The nightmare continues. Freddy is after a new bunch of teenagers. However, this time he is attempting to kill through the body of Jesse (socially awkward, moved into Nancy’s old home). #ANightmareOnElmStreet2 #FreddysRevenge #sequel (at Columbia, Maryland)

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Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean the nightmares come to an end. #TBT #ANightmareOnElmStreet2 #FreddysRevenge

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (Pesadilla en Elm Street 2: La venganza de Freddy en España, Pesadilla 2: La venganza de Freddy en Argentina y Pesadilla en la calle del infierno 2 en México) es una película de terror estrenada el 1 de noviembre de 1985. Fue dirigida por Jack Sholder, es la continuación directa de A Nightmare on Elm Street, narrando cómo Freddy regresa para ...

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