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MIL-KIS LOOKBOOK CHALLENGE Day #7 : Angelic Lipstick Jeans Shirt Wings Hair Skin Eyelashes Eyeliner Shoes (Wcif Friendly) THANK YOU @mil-kis FOR THIS AMAZING 28 DAY CHALLENGE!! (go check her/them out)

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I am an Angelic Starseed who has been to the constellations of Pleiades and Lyra. You come into this world blank and not remembering. As you grow up they train you to be people who are you for real when we take all of that away? Seek your soul!

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Supreme God’s? Universal mind? The heavenly hierarchy, down into hell? Come learn occult and sacred forbidden knowledge, from an angelic’s point of view. The heaven and hell course expands through the symbolism used in my other courses, as each course opens the mind to a different level and state. This third course brings a great deal of knowledge and insight from those perspectives in unde...

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